Zermatt, Switzerland

A little piece of heaven on earth. Welcome to a post about one of my favorite places, Zermatt, Switzerland. In the heart of the Swiss Alps, this small but lively town will win your heart, no question about it.

When I first visited Zermatt, it was a few summers ago when the meadows were green and the town was filled with happy hikers (me being one of them). This time, I went when there was snow and the streets were filled with the sound of clicking snowboots on the pavement. My favorite thing about this town (besides, well, EVERYTHING) is that there are no cars allowed. It can only be accessed by train. The town, while now quite touristy, is touristy for a reason. The most iconic mountain in my mind, the Matterhorn, sits at the head of the valley and will take your breath away when you get a first glimpse of it.

Zermatt is located in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. The country is made up of four main language regions: French, German, Italian, and Romansh (an old romance language). In Switzerland, the German they speak is known as Schweizerdeutsch or Swiss German (makes sense). Let’s talk food for a second. There are so many great food options, and some spots are pretty iconic. Here are the places you have to visit (shoutout to my Dad who knows his stuff and has a great memory):

On Mountain Resturants (to ski to or to hike to)

  • Chez Vrony– a Zermatt classic. This place has been in operation for decades. The food is amazing (with a shiny price tag). The views (on a good day) are incredible. This will be a meal you’ll never forget (scroll for pictures. Unfortunately, during the winter there aren’t as many clear days up on the mountain, but if you google views on a nice sunny day, you’ll see why there’s hype.)
  • Findlerhof– similar to Chez Vrony. Ask for the Rosti Fantasy or the Rosti Matterhorn. As my Dad says, you have the rest of your life to burn it off!
  • Restaurant Zum Zee– another great one. Short walk up from Zermatt or a quick walk down from the Furi lift.

In-Town Resturants

  • Grampi’s– I believe it is sac-religious to come to Zermatt and not go here. I HIGHLY recommend the Penne Gratinate. My mouth is still watering.
  • Papperla Pub– Live music, always a fun crowd. Simple food, great place for some beers.
  • Pizzeria Roma– Good service, good atmosphere.
  • The North Wall Bar and Restaurant– classic skier and mountaineer hangout. Pizza, beer, salad.
  • Creperie Stefanie– the best crepes in town. Must have Swiss Francs, they don’t accept cards.
  • Hotel Post– has a bunch of different restaurants and bars in it. The Brown Cow is my favorite. There’s a great Italian place downstairs called The Factory.
  • Walliserkanne– another Zermatt classic. Great for traditional Swiss food. The schnitzel here is great, so is the Rosti. If you don’t know what that is, you’re missing out!
  • Hexenbar– ask for the cocktail with the orange twist in it, comes with a straw. Can’t remember the name of it, but it was delicious.
  • Restaurant Pinte– in the Hotel Pullox. Great for traditional Swiss food, great fondue.

Zermatt, like most of Switzerland, is not cheap so be prepared to spend extra money on everything. Trust me, it’s worth it. You can thank me later.

Accommodations in Zermatt vary from hostels to five-star hotels. This trip we stayed in a great Airbnb, perfect for 2-3 people. Here is a link to where we stayed, great views!

View from our Airbnb


Besides the obvious which is hike and/or ski, paragliding is great here (although it’ll drain you of cash lol). There are many attractions in the summer and winter on the mountains. You can get there via lift. There are many kid friendly spots too. I also recommend the Matterhorn Museum which is in the center of town and is cool to see. Other than that, poke around the shops, drink beer, and have the best time of your life.

For information about Zermatt Tourism, click here.

Fuchs Bakeries are all around town and are great for a sandwich or pastry on the go.

Yes, there are horsedrawn carrigaes in this town.

Chez Vrony

If you can’t tell, I’m SUPER passionate about this place. Pay it a visit, and if you do, let me know!!

-xx, Katherine


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  1. April 20, 2019 / 10:19 AM

    What a wonderful blog post about Zermatt! We are glad to see that you enjoyed your time in our village and the Matterhorn ❤️ Absolutely amazing photos!

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