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Ever wanted to take a day trip from London to visit Windsor Castle? I’m going to share my visit with you today!

My Dad and I visited the Castle on a beautiful sunny Spring day. Even though it was still a bit chilly, it was lovely to see the flowers out in bloom and very cool to see the grounds after watching events take place here on TV (a.k.a Meghan and Harry’s Wedding, etc). The Castle was originally built in the 11th century and is currently the Queen’s Residence.

We drove from London to the adorable town of Windsor, although it is definitely possible to take the train. It will drop you off right in the middle of town and from there, it’s only a 5 minute walk to the Castle entrance. (We parked in the Alexandra and Windsor Car Parks River Entrance lot. It was a few pounds for a couple of hours. The ticket machine does require contactless credit cards, or you can use coins.)



Before entering the Castle, we decided to stop for lunch at The Carpenter’s Arms (right below the Castle entrance). The staff was very friendly and the food was decent. The atmosphere was very British (just what I like).

We then strolled up the hill to the entrance. Tickets are £22.50 for adults, £20.30 for students (must have a valid student ID with you), and £13.00 for anyone under 17. There does not appear to be a discount for buying tickets online ahead of time. We bought our tickets there.

I would definitely recommend grabbing an audio guide as you go in. It’s free and will provide you with lots of information about the various buildings and rooms around the Castle. Just remember to return it before leaving or you’ll set off an alarm (speaking from experience…lol :))

Please note that photography is not permitted in many areas inside of the Castle.

I enjoyed my visit to the Castle and would recommend it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet! We spent about 2 hours touring the Castle and walking around the grounds.


xx, Katherine


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