Tracing My Roots in Wales

A few of my family members have been doing some serious genealogy work for a while now. One of the sites that dates back to my 4x grandfather is his old place of work at the Neath Abbey Iron Works. There is a historical site still standing with some of the ruins of the old factory buildings. We had to go check it out.

It turns out that a group meets here every Sunday at 1pm to maintain the property. They are in the process of preparing for an archeological dig. We were pleased to meet the group of people that dedicates so much of their time to this place.

This was my first time in Wales, and although it was short, it definitely made me want to come back sometime. Before coming to this spot, we spent about a day in Cardiff and got to watch some rugby! It was a wonderful experience! I’d highly recommend checking out a rugby game if you can, preferably with someone who knows the rules!

Here’s what we saw at the Iron Works Site.

Drone Shots


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