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A part of London that I’ve never really explored much is South Bank. So, a few friends and I decided to cross over the Thames and check it out. We started at the Millennium Bridge. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this will look familiar (even though it may not bring back happy memories…).

After crossing onto the other side of the river, we were right in front of the Tate Modern and the Globe Theater. Carrying on down the riverside, we passed by many restaurants and cafes, but even cooler were some of the streets we ended up on that were not on the water’s edge. Painted walls and torture museums added a bit of personality to the trip and definitely convinced me that I need to spend more time in this area!

After a 25 minute stroll, we stopped at this spot to get a picture of the Tower Bridge. This spot is known as “The Scoop at More London” if you’re looking for a similar picture. There is also a cool view of the Shard from this point.

The Shard

Continue on for another 5-10 minutes, and you walk up a set of stairs onto the Tower Bridge. You are able to go inside the towers, but we just walked across.

Leave a comment telling me what your favorite spot in London is!

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