Pienza, Italy is one of my favorite places to visit.  The town is fairly small and located on top of a hill, giving an impressive view of the farmlands below.  The streets are filled with a mix of locals and tourists, lots of shops, and friendly dogs spying on the street action from their balconies above.  If you’re looking for cheese shops, come to Pienza! Pecorino cheese is the speciality in this region, and while the cheese shops stink up sections of the street, the quality of product (as I’m sure you can image) is superior to anything you’d find in an American grocery store.  There is also a beautiful church in the center of town called the Pienza Cathedral, built in 1459.  The walk into town is also stunning because of the views, and the pathway from the parking lot overlooks the valley the entire way.  I hope you enjoy the pictures I captured from today!


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