Photography Day with Wildlight Safaris

On this day, we spent the whole day on a photographic workshop trip/hike with Wildlight Safaris.  The photographer (Dean Fitzpatrick) and guide (John Burke), took us on a heli-hike in Wanaka, NZ.  We flew to a place called Siberia and learned many of Dean’s tips and tricks to capturing a great image.  John taught us all about the NZ wilderness.  It was an awesome day full of learning and amazing views.  You’ll notice that some of the images at the very beginning are taken at the same location as some of the photos further down.  This is because we stopped at this roadside viewpoint at sunrise and later in the afternoon, as the lighting had changed and some cool clouds had rolled in.

Make sure you get all the way to the end as there is a bit of a surprise…it’s called Skippers Canyon Road.  Let’s just say driving on the edge of a cliff was a little nerve-racking   for me…


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