Hot Air Ballooning in Tuscany

Today I experienced my second hot air ballooning experience with Ballooning in Tuscany.  The opportunity to fly over the beautiful Italian countryside is definitely a unique adventure and one that I am thankful to have shared with my family.  We took off from Montisi, with a total of 12 passengers in the balloon.  The total airtime was approximately 1 hr long and we landed 5.5 miles (in air miles) from our takeoff spot.  After we landed, the lovely crew set up a picnic breakfast full of bread, fruit, prosciutto, champagne, and pecorino cheese which is the region’s speciality.  I would highly recommend ballooning, even for people who might be afraid of heights.  It is a different feeling compared to being in a plane, helicopter, or even on a high mountain.  Since you are floating with the wind, there is no harsh air blowing around and it is peacefully quiet up there!  Also, the basket comes up to chest height so you feel secure the whole way.  I’ve found it a very calming experience rather than a nerve-racking one.  Give it a try!

Later that night we watched the most incredibly sunset over the hills as we ate dinner. Tuscany is such a beautiful place!



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