Glacier 3000


The Glacier 3000, a 20 minute car ride from Gstaad, is a thrilling adventure park in the Swiss Alps. There are a ton of activities to do at this amazing spot, aside from taking a million pictures. From hiking to skiing, mountain coasteering, glacier walking, a peak walk (suspension bridge included), and many more, you’ll find something amazing. This trip does include a lift to the top and if you’re afraid of heights, it can be a bit scary at first since the giant gondola is mostly glass. BUT, the flip side is that the views are spectacular from every angle. At the top, you can see as far as the Matterhorn in Zermatt on a clear day and beyond. Even if you can’t get there in person, check out their live webcam here! (scroll a bit down the page to find.)


We decided to try the alpine coaster and the peak walk by Tissot. I was a little nervous about the peak walk because of the suspension bridge, but I will reassure you that the bridge is stable and doesn’t sway (I was expecting a moving bridge). The views seem fake because they are so vast.


What you wear is going to depend on what time of year you visit. I was here in July and needed long pants, sneakers, and a decently warm jacket. If you visit in the winter, you are definitely going to need proper snow gear (keep in mind in the winter they are fully operating as a ski facility, so dress like you would to ski).


After our adventures, we ate lunch at the restaurant at the top, which has lots of options. People with food sensitivities: you’ll be able to find something to eat here too. And yes, there is ice cream:)


To purchase tickets, learn more about hours, weather conditions, etc., check out their website (which is beautifully designed) here!


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