Exploring Auckland and Sailing on an America’s Cup Yacht

Today was one of our last full days in New Zealand.  We walked around the city of Auckland on a GORGEOUS day.  It was 70 degrees and sunny, and since the city is on the water, there was a nice breeze.  The water was a beautiful shade of light turquoise, which made our sailing experience even better.  We got to sail on a retired America’s Cup Yacht.  It was an interactive sailing experience, so we got to help the crew crank up the sails, etc (clearly my knowledge of sailing is limited).  The trip was roughly 2 hours long.  Here are so pictures from the day!

Company we sailed with: Explore Group Auckland

The boat closest to us on the right side of the picture is the one we went on:)

The harbor-side street is beautiful and full on life
Poking up from those red awnings is the Auckland Sky Tower

View of the city as we were pulling away from the dock
A better view of the Sky Tower

The largest sail we put up was as big as 5 football fields……………I didn’t believe them either….


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