Dining in an Igloo – Coppa Club by Tower Bridge | London, UK

Have you ever eaten in an igloo before? Well, maybe not a real igloo…

The Coppa Club has become a big player in the London dining scene because of their igloo dining along the Thames River. The clear outside of the igloos allows you to look out to the Tower Bridge, an icon of London. The Coppa Club has a few other locations, some outside of London. I’ve seen this place all over Instagram so I made it a point to visit while I’m here! You definitely need to make a reservation, and dinner reservations are hard to come by. We went for lunch which was super fun! To book an igloo, you need a group of 6-8 people or you could end up sharing a meal with another party. Go to their website to make a reservation.



When you walk into the “courtyard” of igloos, you’ll immediately see that the view from them is special.

The inside of the restaurant is also very cool. A modern British design is how I would describe it, so if you can’t get an igloo reservation, I’d still recommend it for a great atmosphere.


Now for the fun part! When you enter through the sliding door, you are greeted with a bright carpet, chairs with fuzzy blankets, a space heater, and an awesome view.

We went when it was raining which made the igloos even cozier!


All of my friends enjoyed their meals. Here are photos of some of the food and drinks we ordered.

A caramel latte (one of the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of lattes)
A burger and chips
Spaghetti Carbonara
Steak with chips

Thanks for reading! Comment below if you’ve ever eaten in an igloo before!

-xx, Katherine


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