Christmas in New England

The most wonderful time of the year, Christmastime! I love the holiday season because of all the joy, family time, and festive decorations! New England is especially cozy in December. I decided to snap a few pictures as my family prepped for the season, so I thought I’d share!

Cutting Down the Tree at the Christmas Tree Farm!

Our first tradition is to go to the tree farm and hand-cut our own tree! We’ve always gotten a real tree, I couldn’t imagine December without one! The farm is also so cheerful as families from around the community come together and select the perfect tree for their home. It’s funny to see how long it takes my family to select the perfect tree. Some years we find the one in 10 minutes, other years it takes us over a half hour! It took us a bit longer this year, but we found a great tree at last.

Christmas Tree Farm, New England

tree farms new england

Christmas tree hunt

evergreen trees

christmas tree farm berries

Once we’ve picked the perfect tree, we bring it to the bailing station to wrap it up. Then, we tie it to the roof of our car and hope it doesn’t fall off on the ride home!

bailing station Christmas tree farm

Decorating the Tree

When we get home, we turn on some Christmas music and start decorating the tree! Here are a few of my favorite ornaments šŸ™‚

ornaments chrismes tree

london christmas ornaments

Wandering through the Garden Center for Festive Greenery

Another tradition is to go to a local garden center and buy wreaths, kissing balls, swags, bouquets, bows, etc for the house! We like to check out different shops every year. It always smells like evergreen there (my favorite smell) and everyone is always in a festive mood!

garden center at Christmas

christmas lights

I hope you enjoyed a quick glimpse into Christmastime in New England! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.

Xx, Katherine


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