Touring the Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Located at the center of Amsterdam, and on the western side of Dam Square, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam stands tall and attracts many visitors.  During the Dutch Golden Age (17th century), the Royal Palace…

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Seeing Amsterdam by Foot

With a full day to tour Amsterdam, we decided to enjoy the beautiful day and see the city by foot.  We explored the bicycle-lined canals and took in the culture that surrounded us.  Here’s what…

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Visiting the Anne Frank Museum

If there is one thing you must do when you visit Amsterdam, it is to tour the Anne Frank House.  The museum is incredibly well done and very moving.  You are able to walk through…

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River Boat Tour of Amsterdam

There are many ways to see Amsterdam, but a great way to see the city is by boat!  There are many different companies that provide boat tours through the canals, and our Backroads Tour group scheduled…

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