Camden Market | London, UK

If you’re a foodie, Camden Market is the place for you. You can find foods from all around the world here, so it’s a great place to go with a group (everyone will find something they like). There are amazing street style stands that sell both savory and sweet foods. There are also unique shops so once you’ve eaten yourself full, you can take a look at non-food related goods. There are definitely a few stands I didn’t get to try during this trip that I really want to go to, so look out for another Camden Market post coming soon!

Camden Market is located right above Regent’s Park in Northwest London. Walking there from Marylebone or Fitzrovia is great because you can cut through the beautiful park!

The first place I wanted to check out was Lili’s Chocolates. Being a chocolate fiend myself, I knew this was going to be one of my first stops. You can buy prepackaged assorted chocolates which would be great for gifts, or you can pick out individual truffles and bits to add to your own bag. I picked out the spice cookie covered dark chocolate truffles and the dark chocolate caramel truffles. They were DELICIOUS. All of the chocolates are handmade and are mostly free of preservatives. The packaging they use is also eco-friendly. 

I’ve recently been very into Mexican food so I popped into this place called Cafe Chula. Because this is more of a sit down place, I opted for another street food stand instead, but the inside was gorgeous (had to snap that pic).

The taco place I ended up eating at was called Tacoma. The man at the stand was very friendly and even gave us nachos for free! He said he was in a good mood that day:) The tacos were absolutely delicious, as were the nachos.

My friend went for a slightly healthier option from Ladle. Just as it sounds, everything at the stand is served with a ladle!

The last place we visited on this trip was called Cereal Killer. If you love cereal, you need to book a flight to London ASAP. When you walk in, the first thing you see is a giant wall of cereal boxes, many of which can be hard to find in US grocery stores.

The sitting area was full of old milk cartons and shelves with cereal box toy collectables! There were also old TV’s playing shows from the 80’s and 90’s.

I decided to get a Nutella Stacked Hot Chocolate. I fell in love with the cereal they used to top this delicious dessert so I had to find it for myself on Amazon. It’s called Krave and if you like chocolate, go Amazon Prime yourself some (lol). Cereal Killer also allows you to pick out any cereal you want, along with any flavor of milk. They have very unique cereal related flavors, as well as special desserts. The one I want to try the next time I go is called Chocopotimus, can you guess why?!

Looking forward to going back soon! What’s your favorite food spot in London? Leave a comment below.

xx, Katherine


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