Brunch at Foxlow, Soho | London, UK

When I found out that this hip restaurant in London’s Soho district had bottomless champagne, I knew I had to pay it a visit. I had a few friends visiting me so we decided to head out for a nice brunch.

The inside of the restaurant is modern English which created a really nice style and atmosphere. Our waiter was American and had a great sense of humor!

I started with a latte (of course).

I opted for the avocado toast with egg on top. There was a slice of lime to squeeze on top which gave the dish extra flavor.

One of my friends ordered egg on toast which looked great too!

I would highly recommend coming here. If you want to go to bottomless champagne, they give you a 1.5 hr time limit and it’s £18 per person. A bit expensive but you definitely get a bunch of booze out of it! I’d also recommend a reservation, especially on the weekend.


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