A Taste of the Cotswolds | England

When I say visiting the Cotswolds is like stepping into a fairytale, I’m not kidding. This was my first time going to this part of England and I immediately fell in love. Seriously, my new life goal is to retire here! If you’ve never heard of the Cotswolds before, think beautiful yellow stoned cottages, endless green fields, and adorable towns that are so small that you can’t blink when you’re driving through (or you’ll miss it)!

During my first visit, my Dad planned an amazing stay at Buckland Manor. This place is all kinds of elegance and beauty. The inside is filled with gorgeous traditional English decor, old wood staircases, oil paintings, and even some friendly pets. The staff was wonderful and the food is unbelievable. A classy way to spend your time in the Cotswolds for sure.

The Cotswolds AONB covers 6 counties across South Central England. There is a 102 mile walking path called Cotswold Way that we hopped on to walk from Buckland to the larger town of Broadway just over the hill. The walk was beautiful, I would do it every day!

Our first glimpse of the town Broadway

Then we met this beautiful horse who I quickly became best friends with:)

I have always loved horses. They’ve always been my favorite animals because of their beauty and grace. I don’t believe in anything spiritual but I always feel like horses can feel the emotions of people and have a very calming aura about them. Ugh, I just love em!

Many of the traditional English telephone booths now house defibrillators!
We then passed by this adorable market with produce on display. Again, this is the town of Broadway.

I love all of the alleyways that hide beautiful houses and gardens.

After a stroll through town and some poking around in shops, we headed back the same way and flew the drone around. Check out the views!

The next day, before we headed back into London, there was one place I really wanted to check out. I had seen pictures online of this really cool tower. Turns out, it’s the Broadway Tower. It was designed by James Wyatt in 1794 as a castle for Lady Coventry. Later on, the Tower was used as a monitoring viewpoint of nuclear fallout in England and was one of the last Cold War bunkers constructed. It is now open for touring. I decided not to go in but you can buy tickets to enter and can also eat at the Morris & Brown Cafe.

I absolutely loved my visit to the Cotswolds and can’t wait to go back! If you’ve visited the Cotswolds, what was your favorite town? We drove through the Slaughters which is definitely a place I want to stay in the next time I go back!

-xx, Katherine


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